Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 24-25, 2021

The stream will be archived and available to all during the weekend after the live event.

Music: Justine Rodriguez     Recorded: Aaron McGuirk
St. James has added an 8:45 AM Wednesday Rosary prayer service before their morning communion service.  The 4PM Wednesday service will also take place for those who can't make the morning one. You'll see this all listed in the tri-parish worship guide.

Description: Fr. Steve Matthews celebrates Mass at St. John the Baptist Church in Valatie, NY. 
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 Second Collection July 24-25

Our second collection this week will be for Peter’s Pence which unites us and Catholics around the world more closely with the Holy Father in two ways: it support the structures of the Holy See through which the Pope governs the Church as well as his charitable efforts to assist victims of war, oppression, natural disasters, and others most in need. Please be generous in next week’s Collected supporting the Holy Father as a witness of charity to those who are suffering.       Please be generous!

Mass Intentions at St. James Church
                         will be offered for the following loved ones

Sunday, July 25, 2021      

 Lorene Bowes by Annette Every Fillion & Family
Myron Clarke by Martin O'Grady
John Dunne by Marie & Phil Orlando
Jack Yurish by Betty & John Sundstrom


To participate in
Fr. George's installation Mass
At Corpus Christi on 8/5 (Click for information)

 If you can't be there in person, the service will also be livestreamed on Corpus Christi's Facebook page

Welcome Fr. Steve Matthews to CCNCC!

Hello everyone! My name is Fr. Steve Matthews and I prefer to be called Fr. Steve. By now you have heard that there is a new pastor in town. New in the sense that Fr. Gary is retired, but helps out with mass when needed, new in the sense that Fr. George has moved and settled into his new assignment and the transition priest of Fr. Kyle Eads has moved on. New also in a sense that I have just “over 5 years” a priest and about 4 years a pastor. I will be giving bits and pieces of my history or autobiography at masses this weekend and over the next few as well but suffice it to say that someone like me is sometimes called a “second career priest.” This means that I had a “first career.”
For more details, please see the article
 “Brief Autobiography.”
(At 64, it’s difficult to have a brief autobiography, so I ask your indulgence in reading it.) 

I look forward to meeting you and leading all closer to Jesus Christ in the Catholic Community of Northern Columbia County. Please be patient with me as it takes a long time to remember someone’s name. Maybe now that we do not have to wear masks all the time, it will be easier for me to remember, but I cannot blame that on Covid! I can only blame that on my senior moments! However, I am praying that we all can become closer to God during our time together.

Lastly, I honestly believe in the power of God’s grace, the power of prayer – both asking and listening along with the greatest gift we have – the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist! In these coming months, may I invite you to join with me in being open to God’s Holy Spirit, the power of God’s grace and awesomeness of being Roman Catholic where we are in the presence of Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Holy Communion and in the Blessed Sacrament!

I will be adding a short Litany of Prayer after mass is over to remind us of the power of prayer and of the uniqueness and oneness of Our Catholic Community of Northern Columbia County. While this may be adjusted over the first month or so, I’d like to start with the following.

Please join me - Leader:                                Our Response:
                           Sacred Heart of Jesus           Have Mercy on Us!
                             Mary, Mother of Jesus           Intercede for Us!
                             St. Joseph                                   Pray for Us!
                             St. James                                    Pray for Us!
                             St. John the Baptist                Pray for Us!
                            All Holy Men and Women… Pray for Us!

Thanks everyone! Let us pray for each other! Fr. Steve (Matthews), Pastor CCNCC

Taize Vesper Services Coming to
CCNCC Parishes

All are invited to experience Sung Vespers in the Spirit of Taize! Please CLICK  for more information about these services in each of our tri-parish churches in July, August and September. The first service will be held 7PM Thursday, July 29 at St. John the Baptist in Valatie.

The ecumenical community of Taize in France was founded as a place that encourages reconciliation and tolerance of all faiths. Their inclusive style of sung prayer in simple and meditative. Using various chants from Taize as well as other liturgical psalm settings, we will experience vespers in song, scripture and silence.


As you may be aware, our Diocese is currently in the process of developing groups of parishes (Pastoral Networks) designed to collaborate in the areas of administration and ministry. The parishes in this particular network will be joined by Our Lady of Hope – Copake Falls and Holy Trinity – Hudson and Germantown for many pastoral initiatives.  Parishes will benefit from this process by having more lay men and women available for ministry in the parishes that comprise the Pastoral Network. 

This is a new and exciting endeavor that we believe will breathe new life into our parishes. It is a real opportunity for us to grow in our roles as disciples and in our call to spread the Good News.

We a grateful to Fr. Steve for his commitment to our communities and pray for his ministry.  We hope that many of you will join him in making this new Pastoral Network a thriving example of what we can do when we work together.


For more information contact Denise Barry, Coordinator, (518) 929-4369

Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA

Anyone in need of cat or dog food for their pets is welcome to avail themselves of the shelter's supply from 11:30 AM-4PM daily (seven days a week).


Our summertime collection of used eyeglasses is underway through Labor Day. Prescription glasses, sunglasses, and reading (magnifying) from the Dollar Store may be brought to the receptacle in the Gathering Space for distribution by Lions' International in Haiti, homeland of our sister parish.


 Please note that bedding is accepted year-round by OutReach.  Please call the OutReach number to arrange delivery of donated items.


Upcoming: The weekend of August 29 has been set aside as School Supply Weekend. Let's take advantage of the "Backto School" sales in the coming weeks. When OutReach was organized in1998, this was our first major endeavor. 


News From the Vatican


Sunday, July 25th @ 11:00 AM
Seventeenth SUNDAY in Ordinary Time
Mass will be livestreamed from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY
please visit:

Link to Diocese of Albany website - click on picture

The Diocese of Albany is keeping Catholics apprised of changes, updates and resources on its dedicated web page:
In addition, a Faith at Home page includes links to livestreamed Mass - https://www.rcda.org/livemass, daily Scripture readings, saints of the day, suggestions for creating a sacred space at home: https://www.rcda.org/coronavirus/resources


Our Lady of Victory Adoration Chapel
Testimonial Video

The Our Lady of Victory Adoration Chapel Committee is excited to announce that we have just produced a promotional video to invite area Catholics to the devotion of Eucharistic Adoration. Because Covid has placed restrictions on mass attendance in many churches, we hope that this brief sampling of testimonies from our Adorers may inspire all who may feel a longing to be with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The OLV Chapel is open to all and is located at St. Mary's Church, 429 E. Allen St., Hudson, NY.
For more information, visit our website at http://OLV.WeAdoreHim.com or call Rebecca at 518-799-5535.


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Our Mission Statement        (Our Purpose)

Energized by the Eucharist and Scripture we are a welcoming and affirming community that celebrates Christ Jesus in our midst.  We value prayer, education, art, music, and the beauty of God’s creation in our quest for spiritual growth and social justice in the world.

Map and Directions Sacraments

Faith Formation


St. James' Parish Team

Fr.  Steve Matthews



Interim Deacon
Andy Grebe 

In Person & Online

 “A RETURN TO MASS” Bishop Scharfenberger issues letter on in-person Mass in the Diocese at rcda.org

It’s important to note that although he is lifting the general dispensation, there is still a particular dispensation 
from this obligation for “those who are sick or at risk, or who care for those who are sick or at risk, or those who experience a significant anxiety or fear of getting sick from being in a public setting.” For those unable to join us for those reasons, online Mass will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.


9AM Sunday Mass


Thanks to lower infection and high vaccination rates in our
community, pandemic restrictions have been eased for public worship
in the Albany Diocese, to bring us in line with NYS and CDC guidelines.  Additionally, Bishop Scharfenberger has lifted the
general dispensation of the Sunday and Holy Day obligation imposed at
the beginning of the pandemic, but extends a particular dispensation for
those who are ill or anxious about being in public settings.
We will respect individual decisions regarding masks and social distancing, however, 
we recommend that unvaccinated worshipers continue to wear masks.

Pre-registration to attend Mass is no longer required.
Church doors will open Sundays at 8:30AM.


Worship Calendar

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Reservation Chapel
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All are invited to visit the chapel during office hours: Mon., Wed., & Fri. from 9AM - 12PM. Please sign in when using the chapel & clean your prayer space after worship with cleaning materials left in the chapel for your use.

Art by Brother Mickey McGrath

CONFESSIONS  People can call the office & make an appointment. The number to call is
(518) 392-4991.  You can also email the office at:
We will meet privately and discreetly, observing social distancing.  The same goes for requests for anointing.  Except for the anointing itself, social distancing is in place.

 Confessions at these times are

By Appointment-St James  
4:00PM - St. John, Valatie 
4:00PM St.Joseph, Stottville

Click on the following website for resources for Older Adults, Family Caregivers and Health Care Providers re Covid-19:  https://www.johnahartford.org/dissemination-center/view/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-resources-for-older-adults-family-caregivers-and-health-care-providers

You can visit the following website for some spiritual resources for covid-19 from the Catholic Health Association of America: https://www.chausa.org/newsroom/coronavirus-resources/spiritual-resources-for-covid-19

SAINT OF THE DAY  https://www.vaticannews.va