*With high rates of COVID in our community, we are CLOSING all
tri-parish churches to Masses the weekend, Jan 16-17*

Fr. George is taping this weekend's Mass and will address why we are suspending Masses for the time being, as well as his upcoming parish reassignment. We'll be offering links to that Mass by Friday or Saturday morning.

The reopening committee will reconvene next week to determine whether we can open up again for Jan 23-24 Masses.  We will make that determination by Wednesday afternoon, 1/20. That will give us an extra day to reach out to our volunteers and parishioners should we continue to suspend Masses until COVID rates come down.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

Important Announcement from Father George 

Fr. George Fleming shares an important announcement of his reassignment with parishioners of the Catholic Community of Northern Columbia County: the Church of St. Joseph, St. James Church and St. John the Baptist. Fr. George will serve as Pastor to the CCNCC faith communities until January 31, 2021, and will begin his new ministry in mid-February, 2021. Please stay tuned for more updates. We give thanks to and pray for Fr. George as he begins his new assignment and pray for each of our parish communities as we journey together in love and faith.

January 9-10, 2021

Music: Rebecca, Kenneth, Mary & Brian Fay, & Justine Rodriguez  ​​
 Recorded & edited: Aaron McGuirk & Justine Rodriguez

 Fr. George Fleming celebrates mass at St. John the Baptist Church in Valatie, NY  
assisted by Deacon Dan McHale.


St. James Christmas Pageants  


A video compilation of decades of Christmas Pageants that children of our faith family have performed over the years.
Wishing you a
merry and blessed Christmas!



For more information contact Denise Barry, Coordinator, (518) 929-4369

Annual Bedding Project

The Annual Bedding Project is underway in the Catholic Community of Northern Columbia County (CCNCC) during January and February.  Please consider donating gently-used comforters, blankets, linens, and towels to share a sense of warmth and well-being with others.  These items will be distributed to families in our parishes as well as through the food pantries and Catholic Charities' W.I.C. program. Each weekend a specific site is designated for sharing the goods.This weekend all items offered will be given to the Chatham food pantry for their clients. Please call the OutReach number to arrange delivery of donated items.

Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA

Anyone in need of cat or dog food for their pets is welcome to avail themselves of the shelter's supply from 11:30 AM-4PM daily (seven days a week).


News From the Vatican

  Sunday, January 10th @ 11:00 AM 
Baptism of the Lord
Mass will be livestreamed from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY
please visit:

Link to Diocese of Albany website - click on picture

The Diocese of Albany is keeping Catholics apprised of changes, updates and resources on its dedicated web page:
In addition, a Faith at Home page includes links to livestreamed Mass - https://www.rcda.org/livemass, daily Scripture readings, saints of the day, suggestions for creating a sacred space at home: https://www.rcda.org/coronavirus/resources



"Stations of the Cross:
Art and Stories with Brother Mickey McGrath"





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We are establishing a Tri-Parish Email Contact System - Signup to get updates from Fr. George, information regarding events throughout the Catholic Community of Northern Columbia County (CCNCC), and other items of interest to parishioners delivered to your inbox. This will greatly enhance our ability to communicate with parishioners in all three churches comprising the CCNCC. 

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Our Mission Statement        (Our Purpose)

Energized by the Eucharist and Scripture we are a welcoming and affirming community that celebrates Christ Jesus in our midst.  We value prayer, education, art, music, and the beauty of God’s creation in our quest for spiritual growth and social justice in the world.

Map and Directions Sacraments

Faith Formation


      St. James' Pastor        Father George Fleming 

Online & @ Church

        SUNDAY:  9:00AM
January schedule of Masses at St. James Church. Because we are limited to 80 worshipers, we will give priority to worshipers in that week's cycle. We welcome worshipers off cycle whenever there is room, and will take reservations for Mass online and by phone(518-392-4991). 
We kindly ask that you register for Mass by Friday at 4 PM to allow us to plan for that weekend's service. Further, please plan on registering EACH time you wish to attend Sunday Mass. 
Click on the appropriate registration link below:  

Jan. 3rd Last names beginning L-P
Jan. 10th Last names beginning Q-Z
Jan. 17th Last names beginning A-D
Jan. 24th Last names beginning E-K
Jan. 31st Last names beginning L-P


New Worship Procedure: Communion returns to the heart of our liturgy.
 Please follow the directions from your ushers who will guide you to the ministers who will distribute the Eucharist. We are grateful to everyone who has helped us continue to worship together safely.

Reservation Chapel
Open to Private Worship

All are invited to visit the chapel during office hours: Mon., Wed., & Fri. from 9AM - 12PM. Please sign in when using the chapel & clean your prayer space after worship with cleaning materials left in the chapel for your use.

Art by Brother Mickey McGrath


 In the event of an emergency requiring the ministry of a priest, the priests of the parish may be contacted by leaving a message at (518) 303-3636. 

Cloth Mask Resource 

Terry Ribadeneyra of
St. James Church has volunteered to collect cloth masks from volunteers who are sewing them, and will distribute them to parishioners who need one. 

Her number is
(518) 392-2499. 

Have a concern, need a mass card, or other assistance?
Office - OPEN 

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

9:00 AM until 1:00 PM      
               518-392-4991                  EMAIL: sjofficeassistant@gmail.com

CONFESSIONS  People can call the office & make an appointment with Fr. George. The number to call is
(518) 392-4991.  You can also email the office at:
We will meet privately and discreetly, observing social distancing.  The same goes for requests for anointing.  Except for the anointing itself, social distancing is in place.

 Confessions at these times are

By Appointment-St James  
4:00PM - St. John, Valatie 
4:00PM St.Joseph, Stottville

Click on the following website for resources for Older Adults, Family Caregivers and Health Care Providers re Covid-19:  https://www.johnahartford.org/dissemination-center/view/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-resources-for-older-adults-family-caregivers-and-health-care-providers

You can visit the following website for some spiritual resources for covid-19 from the Catholic Health Association of America: https://www.chausa.org/newsroom/coronavirus-resources/spiritual-resources-for-covid-19

SAINT OF THE DAY  https://www.vaticannews.va