Extraordinary Minister Schedule March 2020 - May 2020

If you are unable to serve when scheduled, please refer to the contact list to find a replacement, or call Amy Clifford 518-392-2597.

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5:30PM Saturday Mass - March 2020 - May 2020

Date EM Coordinator   Clean up Clean up
3/7 Barbara Haywood Bob Doyle Mary Kilcer  
3/14 Tim Moran Ronnie Mangione Amy Clifford  
3/21 Kevin Kennedy Tess Every Eleanor Roy  
3/28 Mary Gavin Jeanne Trawinski Maureen VanTassel  
4/4 Amy Clifford Barbara Haywood Bob Doyle  
4/18 Mary Kilcer Ronnie Mangione Tim Moran  
4/25 Tess Every Kevin Kennedy Eleanor Roy  
5/2 Jeanne Trawinski Maureen VanTassel Bob Doyle  
5/9 Barbara Haywood Ronnie Mangione Mary Kilcer  
5/16 Amy Clifford Jeanne Trawinski Mary Gavin  
5/23 Tim Moran Tess Every Kevin Kennedy  
5/30 Bob Doyle Barbara Haywood Maureen VanTassel  


9:00AM Sunday Mass - March 2020 - May 2020

Date EM Coordinator       Clean up Clean up
3/1 Becky Armstrong Denise Dunne Mike Wolfe Peter Brinkerhoff Emma Yurish Kate Mollenhauer
3/8 Dave Frederick Nick Biggs Elaine Flynn Beth Meer Terry Ribadebeyra Dee Winkler
3/15 Sandy Neefus Mike Wolfe Becky Armstrong Emma Yurish Denise Dunne Peter Brinkerhoff
3/22 Kate Mollenhauer Dave Frederick Beth Meer Pat Dieffenbach Nick Biggs Elaine Flynn
3/29 Dee Winkler Peter Brinkerhoff Amy Clifford Becky Armstrong Mike Wolfe Terry Ribadebeyra
4/5 Mickey Dennis Denise Dunne Pat Dieffenbach Kate Mollenhauer Dave Frederick Emma Yurish
4/12 EASTER          
4/19 Nick Biggs Sandy Neefus Beth Meer Mickey Dennis Elaine Flynn Dee Winkler
4/26 Terry Ribadebeyra Mike Wolfe Denise Dunne Peter Brinkerhoff Pat Dieffenbach Becky Armstrong
5/3 Dave Frederick Emma Yurish Nick Biggs Elaine Flynn Kate Mollenhauer Beth Meer
5/10 Mickey Dennis Dee Winkler Mike Wolfe Terry Ribadebeyra Sandy Neefus Amy Clifford
5/17 Becky Armstrong Pat Dieffenbach Kate Mollenhauer Nick Biggs Peter Brinkerhoff Denise Dunne
5/24 Sandy Neefus Beth Meer Mike Wolfe Elaine Flynn Mickey Dennis Emma Yurish
5/31 Terry Ribadebeyra Dee Winkler Dave Frederick Amy Clifford Becky Armstrong Nick Biggs