Fr. George's Blog

February 2018

Feb 15


As I write these words for the bulletin, days before the First Sunday of Lent, I am praying that a bipartisan solution, even one in the early stages, will be in motion on behalf of those currently known as Dreamers.  If we saw our Catholic Community of Northern Columbia County as one family, it should be noted that one-fourth of our active...
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Feb 8


As printed in the Evangelist, "While we are not issuing any official guidelines for Catholics during flu season, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany encourages parishioners attending Mass to use common sense when it comes to shaking hands at the sign of peace or receiving from the cup during communion. If you are feeling ill, it is...
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Feb 1

5TH Sunday in Ordinary Time

Whenever I hear people talk about not giving to the Bishop’s Appeal, it usually has to do with the misconception that individual parishes do not benefit greatly by the resources sustained and provided by the Diocese of Albany. It always reminds me of a lengthy Monty Python sketch set in the time of Roman Occupation of the Holy Land. One of...
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